Welcome to the new website for Voiceover Talent Dan Romo. Dan is the voice talent you may hear at numerous live theatrical performances, all over Southern California. His Emcee and voiceover style is one that can warm up an audience and prepare them for the visual production about to take place. He has an uncanny way of using his natural voice in a familiar style, which is welcoming, smooth and wholesome. His voice is one the listening audience would embrace and provide their complete undivided attention. He can be everything from the commanding narration, to the warm sweet sound of a parent embracing their child. Dan is an Orator, bringing imagery and color to a simplistic script of black and white. His method of connecting with the listening audience is unlike any in the industry, his delivery is clear and concise.

Dan is also a qualified voice actor and vocal talent, as he maintains the proficiency to characterize his natural vocal abilities for special projects that may require something more or even different. Hear some of the many nuances of Dan’s voice here on his new website.

You can contact Dan via email on his website or by calling direct. For booking information or for pre-recorded commercialized material, specific to your individual needs, simply click on the link below or the Contact Tab on the website.